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Below Frequently Asked Questions are some common concerns of our customers before and after purchasing the color lenses,
if you have other questions, please just send it to hapakristin.official@gmail.com
  • Is the coronavirus affecting the deliveries?

      No, worries, we still ship worldwide without any delay, it's even faster now 😀 We ship only with DHL, the only countries we cannot deliver to at the moment are South Korea and Russia.

  • How long is the shipping?

      We need 1 business day to prepare your order and the delivery takes 1 to 5 business days to arrive at your door depending on your location.

  • My package appears as delivered but I did not receive it, what should I do?

      We are so sorry to hear about this issue, please contact DHL in your country to let them know you did not receive your package. Once you have called DHL, please email us at hapakristin.official@gmail.com so we can follow up on our side. Please note that we send all packages with a signature required. If you authorized DHL to leave the package without a signature and it got stolen, you will not be eligible for a compensation. If you are not home for the delivery, you can schedule the delivery time / choose a pick up location / change the delivery address here: https://ondemand.dhl.com/

  • Can I receive my order in Korea?

      Unfortunately Korea is the only country where we are not allowed to ship :( Korea allows only to sell contact lenses in physical shops and at the moment we only sell online. We are very sorry about this inconvenience 😢

  • When will I receive my order?

      Please contact our customer service with your order number, we will check the status of your order for you. We usually ship your order withing 1 business day after payment.

  • I need my order before a specific date, how can I check it will arrive on time?

      It will depend on your location, please contact our customer service with your order number and we will be happy to check for you!

Customer Service
  • Do I need a prescription to order?

      Only USA customers need who want to order lenses with prescription need to submit their Rx. If you are not located in the US and/or you order 0.00 power lenses, you do not need to provide your prescritpion.

  • Do I have to pay the customs tax?

      We are aware that in some countries the customs can request to pay extra customs fees to receive a package. To avoid this situation to our customers: We do not include the invoice in the package and we send the package as a ‘Gift’. Regarding the value, we usually write between $14 USD and $20 USD. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, sometimes the customs can still ask you to pay for taxes. Please note that we are not responsible for the taxes. If you refuse to receive the package after it is shipped out, please understand that the carrier will discard the package and you will not be refunded. Additionally, we would like to inform you that orders received in the UK are systematically taxed. We are also aware that taxes in Brazil are very expensive and they can even be more expensive than your order if you order only 1 or 2 items.

  • Can I return a product after I receive the package?

      Unfortunately contact lenses are a medical device so we can never accept the return of your products after you received the delivery and thus for any reason. If you picked the wrong color or the wrong power and you realized after receiving the package, we should kindly ask you to re-order the products with the correct options.

  • Do you have a wholesale service?

      For wholesale inquiries, please email our team at wholesale@ppbstudios.com, we will get back to you within a week.

  • Do you accept cash on delivery?

      We do not offer cash on delivery. You need to pay for your order first so we can process it.

  • My order status says 'Unfulfilled', what does it mean?

      Your order will be displayed at 'Unfulfilled' until your package is sent out and you receive your tracking number by email. Unfulfilled only means that we are still preparing your order :)

  • I did not receive my order confirmation email, what should I do?

      Sorry to hear that you did not receive your order confirmation email.  If you did not receive it, please check your spam folder (it often happens with yahoo, hotmail and QQ addresses). Another reason may be that you made a typo when you wrote your email, if that is the case, please email us and give use the following info so we can identify your order: Your name and delivery address for the order. We can also identify your order if you provide the proof of payment.

  • I have a different prescription for each eye, how can I order?

      At the moment we only sell lenses by pairs of the same power. So if you need different power for each eye, you should order 1 pair of each prescription.

  • What payment method do you accept?

      We accept payment with Visa, Master card credit/debit cards, Amex and Paypal!

  • What is the currency on the website?

      We only accept payment in US dollars on Hapakristin.com

  • How can I submit my prescription?

      Please place your order before you submit your Rx, there will be a button on the order confirmation page. Please note that we only have to verify your Rx if you are located in the USA 🗽

  • I do not have an Rx, can I still order?

      We can still process your order without a prescription if you provide one of the following: 1. Old prescription 2. A picture of your current lenses where we can see the prescription info. 3. Your eye doctor's contact info (Name and phone number)

  • How can I cancel my order?

      Sorry to hear you want to cancel your order 😢You cannot cancel it yourself, you need to contact us to do it. Please note that we can accept cancellations within 6 hours after payment. After this time we may or may not be able to cancel your order depending on the preparation status.

  • How can I change my order?

      We kindly ask customers to double check their order before paying. If you made a mistake, please le us know within 6 hours after payment, after this delay, we may or may not be able to change your order before it ships.

  • How can I change the delivery address?

      If your order has not yet shipped, please contact us immediately with your order number and the correct delivery address. If your order is already shipped, you can try to fix your delivery address here: https://ondemand.dhl.com/ Please note that we are not responsible for extra charges and lost package if the issue is due to the wrong info provided by the customer.

  • How can I get the cute Hapakristin Kit box?

      Kristin is very creative so she comes up with a new limited edition box every month! To know when our next event is up, create your account here (You will also receive a discount code!): https://www.hapakristin.com/account/register

  • I received a defective product, what should I do?

      We are so sorry about that, please note like for all contact lenses, there is a small chance that you receive a defective product. If you do, please do not try the contact lenses! Take a picture of the lens where we can clearkt see the issue and a picture of the lot number (on the packaging or on the single-use lens case) and email it to us at hapakristin.official@gmail.com with your order number. After checking our stock and checking with our supplier, we can offer you a refund or a replacement, free of charge.

  • What power range do you have?

      All our lenses are available from power -0.00 to -8.00 . At the moment we only sell lenses by pairs of the same power so if you need different powers, you should order 1 pair of each prescription. Unfortunately we do not have contact lenses for astigmatism.

  • How long can you use the lenses?

      At the moment we have monthly and daily lenses available only. Monthly (1 pair) can be used as many time as you want for 30 days after opening. Daily lenses (5 pairs) can be used 1 time and should be discarded at the end of the day.

  • What is the shelf life of Hapakristin lenses?

      The shelf life of our lenses is 5 years after the manufacturing date. Our current stock was manufactured between September 2019 and June 2020.

  • How much are Hapakristin lenses?

      Our Daily lenses (5 pairs) are $19.99 USD) and our monthly lenses (1 pair) are $25.99 USD. The shipping fee is $9.99 USD and it is free for orders over $40 USD (2 items or more)

  • What is the diameter of Hapakristin lenses?

      When it comes to diameter for color lenses, there are 2 types of diameters to take into account. 1. ** The overall diameter ** We have only 14.0mm and 14.2mm lenses. This size will fit 80% of the world population. So if this is your first time wearing lenses, there's a good chance it will fit comfortably. If you have a doubt, only your eye doctor or optometrist can check your eye measurement and let you know what diameter you need. 2. ** The graphic diameter ** This is the colored area of the contact lens. the higher the value, the more striking will be the look.

  • Do you have lenses for astigmatism?

      We do not have contacts for astigmatism, we're very sorry about that! Unfortunately we do not plan on adding them in the near future.

  • What is the power?

      The power, is the level of vision correction. If you don't need prescription glasses to see, then you should pick the power 0.00

  • Whats the pill?

      Hapakristin offers pretty color lenses, we do not have a miraculous pill to change your eye color 👀 Don't be mad Kristin!

  • Do you have an offline store?

      We do not have a physical store at the moment. You can only order on Hapakristin.com

  • Where are you located?

      We are based in Seoul South Korea We ship worldwide with Express shipping so you can receive your package within 1-5 business days.