If you tell me don't do it, I wanna do it more

Good To Be Bad Kristin - hazel

  • Type: 1 Month
  • Pieces: 2pcs / box
  • Dia(all): 12.7 mm (14.2mm)
  • B/C:8.7mm
  • Water: 48%
  • PC+Silicon Hydrogel

The playful eyes of Kristin are always full of energy. The beaming energy from her eyes can always captivate others. But remember, if your energy comes off too strong, you might scare them away, so don't look right into their eyes!

1 month
Vision Science
이 제품은 '의료기기'이며, '사용상의 주의사항'과 '사용방법'을 잘 읽고 사용하십시오.
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